Political Apathy

It’s just not fair! I mean, how does the United States end up with a guy like Barack Obama (surely nailed on winner?) and Britain ends up with Brown, Cameron, and one of the Cheeky Girls. Oh sorry, are the Cheeky Girls not in charge of the Lib Dems? My bad.

It would seem that Gordon Brown has decided that Labour are never getting re-elected, so his only chance of a lasting legacy is to be as much of a douchebag (great word) as possible. Think about it, either he knows that the European Constitution/Treaty (if it looks like a duck, smells like a duck and it’s name is Ed) is something that the public would want a say on and is ignoring it, or else he is so out of touch that he doesn’t have a clue – either way he comes off worse than Ribena on a dress shirt. Then you have his recent yearnings for human-animal-hybrid embryos, something else that the public would want a say on, however he will only allow a “free vote” in the House of Commons as long as he knows he is going to win. Doesn’t that somewhat circumvent our democracy?

Then we have the Tories, gotta love em! David Cameron seemingly didn’t think that people had enough reasons to dislike the Tories, so he decided to become a cyclist and ignore some of our laws. Genius.

As for the Lib Dems, they claim to be the “real alternative”, but when they had the opportunity to speak for the people and vote on a referendum on the afore mentioned constitution, or even Britain’s continued membership in the EU, they abstained! Evidence that the entire party is still on the NHS waiting list for spines and not cut out to lead anything! Did you watch The Apprentice Sport Relief Special? I have never seen a man so far out of his depth as Lembit Opik, when he was elected as leader of the mens team.

Since none of the above people/parties are electable when judged from a national viewpoint, I could simply employ the same method as I did during the last election, where I voted based upon the people who were running in my constituency, regardless of party. I did some research and made an informed decision to vote for Dave Lepper and I have to say that he has done a reasonable job of representing me (I keep a close eye on him via this RSS feed). However, he is not standing at the next election and so I am left with the following options.

Labour: Some lady who wants to tell me how opposed she is/was to the Iraq war and George Bush, without realizing that I quite like GW and was in favour of action in Iraq (and still am). She has mentioned nothing about the economy, animal rights, the state of the NHS, or any of the other national subjects I am interested in. She has not mentioned any local issues, like transport, or the fact that our hospital is among the worst in country. The fact that I don’t know her name and couldn’t find it very easily via Google, just about sums it up.

The Green Party: I consider myself to be quite an environmentally minded person, however the Green Party suffers from the same problem as Senator Kerry (the guy who lost to GW last time out) – completely one dimensional. War is bad, green is good, nowt about anything else.

The Conservatives: You know that Doctor off the telly, Dr David Bull, well he is the Tory candidate. Well presented, good website (wouldn’t have expected anything else from the Tories) but he seems a tad preoccupied with the NHS (I know…he’s a Doctor). I just can’t bring myself to trust a Tory.

In summary, I can vote for the party who will tell me the truth, but won’t let me vote on it, the party that will let me vote on stuff, but won’t necessarily tell me the truth, or the party that doesn’t know what it stands for so there’s nothing to vote on!

Suddenly, the Cheeky Girls don’t sound so bad!

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