A Lion’s Tale

OK, so I completely mark out for wrestling biographies and have read them all. That’s not completely true, I didn’t read Bill Goldberg’s book because he doesn’t interest me at all (the business is better off without him) and I didn’t read the Hardy Boyz book because they were so young when they wrote it, I didn’t think they could have life stories to tell, but apart from those exceptions, I have pretty much read them all.

I preordered a copy of Chris Jericho’s “A Lion’s Tale” months ago, it arrived a week ago, I finished it last night. Jericho’s book was a brilliant read, this is not true of all wrestler biographies, I read them to get a balanced view of things, but some of them suck. There were a lot of genuine laugh-out-loud moments in this book, and Y2J’s candidness was a stark contrast to some of the ego trips that have been other wrestlers books (and actually served to get him over). The decision to include the Benoit family in the book was a plus, I don’t understand why people seem intent on forgetting the Wolverines legacy, instead of forgetting his moment of madness. I guess including Benoit wouldn’t have been possible had it been a WWE book (they seem to be the chief proponents of the Benoit censorship campaign).

So, the big question is this: who better, Foley or Jericho? Well, I would suggest that people not familiar with the wrestling industry (people who can’t help but use the words “wrestling” and “fake” in the same sentence) read Mick’s first two books (which my friend Nige promised to read, if I remember correctly). However, if you know your fujiwara armbars from your figure four leg locks, then Jericho’s book should be your choice. In summary, best book goes to Foley, whilst best wrestling book goes to Jericho.

3 thoughts on “A Lion’s Tale

  1. But wrestling’s all fake isn’t it?

    The thing that interests me most is the use of drugs in wrestling (and other sports requiring super human physique).

    If I were a wrestler, I think I try to go more for the impenetrable layer of fat approach, and use it as an excuse to eat more burgers. I’d be known as Belly Pig, Oink! Oink!

    Mind you, overeating might also breach the WWE’s wellness policy?

  2. Do you believe in magic? Neither do I, but I find watching it interesting because I appreciate the dedication and skill required to carry it off.

    Are you impressed by gymnastics/ballet? I am (I actually won a bronze medal in competition for Hollingbury Gymnastics Club). I know how hard it is to execute those routines.

    Do you watch dramas on TV? I do, I enjoy the story unfolding over an extended period of time.

    So imagine then, a collection of gymnasts performing death defying feats on a nightly basis, and managing to incorporate this into story lines that evolve over time. Sounds like the greatest show on earth, right?

    What about Strongman competitions, fireworks, reality TV, celebrity TV, charity shows, music, live events, audience participation, …

    Well with wrestling, you get all this and more.

    The guys in the WWE are drug free. Have you ever heard of D.H. Smith? Exactly.

    As far as weight is concerned, you can in fact be found in violation of the Wellness Policy if your weight is affecting your health. More than one wreslter has been fired for this reason.

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