Matt never saw her coming… but all his friends had!

It’s kind of weird, finding out [via Facebook] what everyone (OK, not everyone as there are some people I’ve yet to add) has been up to since they left school/college/uni. Some people are getting married (congratulations Darren and Luke – they aren’t marrying each other, I just thought I should clear that up), some people are still at uni, some people are in different countries (like Ghana) and some people seem to have developed an unhealthy fixation on goats and the loss of testicles (WTF?). I don’t think I have changed at all.

Main Entry:
Any who, since I’m quickly regressing to infantile sixth former (not that much of a stretch), I just wanted to mention that I have a new entrant in my top ten films (the title of this post is the tag line of the film). It’s called the “The Girl Next Door” and the plot is your run of the mill school boy meets porn star, falls in love. Here are some of the ingredients that make this film so good:

  1. Killer soundtrack, featuring N.E.R.D (and David Gray, but lets overlook that).
  2. Hot chicks (including pole/lap dancing).
  3. Wrestler cameo (Luther Reigns).
  4. Happy ending.
  5. Rather dark humor.
  6. Safe sex message.
  7. Cool catchphrase “Dude, we’re a fucking tripod!

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