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What do you know about my rights?

I was raised with a strong moral compass. I was educated about the huge sacrifices made on my behalf to secure freedom, such as two World Wars and the ending of Divine Right. I take my rights very seriously, have no problem asserting them, but also appreciate the responsibility that comes with them. In this period of increased paranoia, I find it hard to accept that the best way to protect our freedoms, is to relinquish them. I find that I feel less and less at home in the United Kingdom. I find it incomprehensible that this country:

  • seeks to vilify young people and subject them to devices like the Mosquito;
  • feels it is OK to allow the Police to stop and search people without “due cause”;
  • has a government that is seeking to increase it’s power to to lock people up for prolonged periods of time, without charge.

This list is not exhaustive, *cough* cutting of net connections to pacify the BPI *cough*, but rather illustrative of my frustration and confusion. More and more of my time is spent contemplating the pull of the United States, which although far from perfect, still holds the freedoms of it’s citizens to be paramount. If I haven’t explained myself fully, then might I suggest you go and find the lyrics to the Limp Bizkit song “My Generation” (I did the hard work for you) it kinda sums it up quite nicely.

Living without freedom is not living!

P.S. I wonder how many people got to the end of the list and already had me pegged as a young, naeive, lefty twat? How ever many there are, I would like to thank you all, because you just made my point!

Aside: How can I possibly expect the government to take animal rights seriously, when they don’t even take human rights seriously?

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