Keychain Madness

My Mac has recently been exhibiting a problem, whereby my keychain would need unlocking after I had logged in to my account, normally when I started Mail (which is the first thing I do when I start my Mac).

Long story short, your keychain password needs to be the same as your account password, if you want it to auto unlock, otherwise you will have to unlock it separately. You can change your keychain password by using Keychain Access, which you can find under Utilities in your Applications folder. Right click “login” from the keychains list and select “Change Password for keychain…”, I think you can manage from there.

One thought on “Keychain Madness

  1. Yes, I battled with this one some time ago. I never really understood why the keychain should be able to have its own password…

    The same logic applies to mounting network drives: if the username/password is the same as your login, it mounts without you having to type anything (or its possibly using the keychain?)

    And, if your iTunes library is on a network drive that you haven’t mounted yet, iTunes will automount it when you first play a track: nice! Aperture doesn’t do this though with the photo library :(

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