OS X Cougar

That’s right Steve, I just high-jacked your blog subject! How do you like me now! No seriously, Steve’s post got me to thinking about what features I would like to see from the next iteration of OS X and quite a list ensued.

  • Ability to set Google search widget in Safari, to use .co.uk instead of .com.
  • Extension of the ability of TextEdit to read/write MS Word 2007 format files (this feature is possibly another argument for ditching MS Office altogether).
  • Config tool for the built in Apache web server. This would enable noobies to set up a webserver without having to learn Vi – we don’t want to scare them off.
  • Screen with a camera built in to the centre. This would mean that you could actually look at the person you are talking to, instead of appearing to be completely uninterested in the conversation.
  • Built in FTP application, something akin to CyberDuck.
  • GUI standardisation. Have you noticed how some of the apps have square buttons and some have “pill” shaped buttons? Sort it out Apple.
  • A replacement/rebrand/breakup of iTunes. iTunes is no longer just for ‘choons’, it is effectively a feature rich, media focused, version of Finder (which curiously has inherited some features of iTunes itself). Oh, and it has some built in iSync support. I would prefer to see iTunes and Finder munged together and rebranded.

What do you think?

5 thoughts on “OS X Cougar

  1. – Ditch Safari, use Firefox.
    – Read but not write. That just encourages their use.
    – You don’t *have* to use vi. Whats wrong with TextEdit? Mind you, a proper tool that understands the file format would be nice.
    – Camera? Whats that?
    – Sadly, FTP is half integrated into finder. You can open an FTP site in a finder window, but it’s read only.
    – Yep.
    – Probably.

  2. – I don’t like FireFox, I only use it to test that changes to my website will work for people like you.
    – I think you will find that writing is already possible.
    – My point is that a proper tool would be safer than editing the file itself.
    – Well, if you had a MacBook…
    – Agreed, FTP required.
    – Agreed.
    – Definitely.

  3. Well, I’ll forgive you this time. But you haven’t really hijacked my subject – I was talking about OS X Lynx… :-)

    Regarding your points…

    – Screen with built-in camera is more of a hardware thing than OS X. That would be cool. Does the technology exist already?

    – Built-in FTP – Finder has read-only FTP (Connect to Server); they’re half-way there!

    – Leopard went along way towards GUI standardisation. Which apps are wrong?

    – iTunes – yes, there is definitely something wrong here. Convergence _and_ divergence at the same time! At least they dropped the word ‘Music’ from the iTunes Store!

    – Apache Config: there are 3rd-party GUI tools out there (this one, for example – and it’s even in Java…). Apple do have a GUI config in their Server Admin tools, but I’ve never really used it.

    – TextEdit – I doubt they’ll do this; that compatibility would probably be reserved for their Pages application.

    The only big feature I can think of for Lynx at the moment would be completion of user interface resolution-independence. Tiger started it, Leopard continues improvements.

  4. As I already said, you can read and write Office 2007 docs already.

    Leopard did go a long to fixing inconsistencies, but compare Preview.app buttons with Finder toolbar buttons and the glossy Dock.

    At least we all agree on the requirement of a full FTP app.

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