Frank Sinatra, Ashton Kutcher and the Anointing of the Sick

Call One – 7:30PM Sunday:
I was only ten (virtual) minutes into a match between FC Ballstars and Celtic last night, when the call came in. After my Grandad’s latest rally, he had suffered a suspected major stroke and was moments from death. When I arrived at the home, I realised that this was likely it, he was moaning and groaning and unable to talk. I took my brother home, as there was little we could do – my Mum, Dad, Sister (relative), Sister Nolan (Nun) et al were there with him.

Call Two – 8:30PM Sunday:
My Dad phoned to say that my Grandad had been read The Last Rites and that he was as comfortable as possible.

Call Three – 11PM Sunday:
The doctor had been called and had diagnosed urine infection number three. He had prescribed some anti-biotics and paracetamol.

The next morning – 4AM Monday:
More fucking comebacks than Frank Sinatra. My Grandad is up and about like nothing ever happened! I half expected Ashton Kutcher (read Jeremy Beadle if you don’t know who Ashton is) to jump out from somewhere and tell me I’d been Punk’d. Unbelievable!

5 thoughts on “Frank Sinatra, Ashton Kutcher and the Anointing of the Sick

  1. Glad to hear your Grandad is better.

    Re: MacBook Pro – as Mr. Jobs said in his Stevenote, we’re only 2 weeks into 2008, there are another 50 to go. How long do you wait?

    BTW, you are no dolphin either. bkzhrue my arse!

  2. I wish you’d mentioned your macbook earlier – I’ve just bought a mac mini…

    Good news on your Grandad…

  3. Curious story about your Grandad: I know someone whose 93 year old father who was rushed to hospital after a fall caused by a Stroke, then diagnosed with a urinary infection, who then contracted MRSA (obviously), but has now fully recovered. Incredible. Those world wars must have really toughened him up.

  4. Nige, maybe you want a MacBook for the bedroom? Or maybe you want one for your shed?

    Steve, I’m no dolphin, but I don’t force people to enter ten words just to preview a comment. Do I?

    Chris, my Grandad was the only survivor when a bomb was dropped on his house/chip shop, even though he had all his clothes blown off and schrapnel in both shoulders. He was released from Cantebury prison a couple of days before that was hit. He got stuck in the gun on the front of his submarine when the safety belt wouldn’t release – everyone around him was gunned down. He drove around in his car for at least six months with legally blind vision – no accidents. There might just be something to this Catholiscism stuff!

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