What does the ‘V’ in DVI stand for?

I got a couple of PS3s the other day and after one day of Pro Evo 2008, my Uncle cracked and decided he wanted one too.

Lets fast forward to him phoning to explain that he could only get sound, or picture from the PS3 (even after following the instructions that the nice folk at COMET had given him – argh)! I established that he was using an HDMI to DVI converter for the picture (I did not know he had got a TV with DVI instead of HDMI, I would have stopped him) and the standard AV cables for sound. I realised that this meant picture on one channel and sound on another, something that said folk at COMET had failed to appreciate.

The proposed solutions:

  1. Use the standard scart connectors and forget about ever experiencing any HD goodness – couldn’t do it. He couldn’t even see the players on PES2008 in SD.
  2. Optical cable for sound – TV did not support this.
  3. Composite HD connection – TV did not support this.
  4. New TV – Too expensive.
  5. Special HDMI to DVI and sound connector – far too expensive.
  6. Route sound through HiFi – hasn’t got one, too expensive to purchase.
  7. Route sound through Surround Sound System – hasn’t got one, too expensive to purchase.

I finally snapped and got a “Y-splitter” cable to pipe the AV sound outputs into the DVI sound input. Fingers crossed, eh, because otherwise my Uncle will be playing the special “Silent Movie” version of PES2008.

2 thoughts on “What does the ‘V’ in DVI stand for?

  1. ‘Visual’. 1 point to me.

    Indeed, as you found out, DVI is for *visual* or video information. Whereas HDMI is backwards compatible with DVI, you lose audio and remote control capabilities. No doubt some acne-covered yoof posing as a Comet employee was responsible for this debacle?

    Of course, if it doesn’t work out, you can always buy these DVDs.

    (BTW… a *couple* of PS3s??? You’re obviously being paid far too much!)

  2. The benefit of purchasing on the internet is not having to deal with the afore mentioned yoof.

    Two PS3s, because I needed one for me and one for my little brother. I’m on my way to stanky rich! Holla at the kid.

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