Courier sucks!

OK, I know this is probably going to be a silly thing to ask, but what font do you prefer to use when coding and why? I want to know about the font only, is it monospace etc, and why. I do not want to know about the colour setup you use (that may be the subject of a later post).

This post has been precipitated by my own search for font perfection, I will be personally testing all of the different fonts you suggest (so don’t bother going with Wingdings) and might even announce a winner!

Here is your chance to change my mind about something, don’t squander it!

12 thoughts on “Courier sucks!

  1. I have to test it out first and see if it is nice to use I guess if you are the only entrant then you win by default though!

  2. OOOoooh a disqualification! Will gets disqualified because I can’t use that font in Linux without huge amounts of aliasing!

    Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse :)

  3. I use Lucida Console; serif fonts don’t work well at small sizes. You should be able to easily distinguish between 1 and I, and 0 and O.

    As for anti-aliasing, you would probably want to turn it off.

    Google for programmer’s font

  4. I’m using the TextMate default editor settings, so Monaco (11 pt).

    As well as syntax colouring, TextMate also uses font styles to highlight syntactic elements, e.g. comments are italic; keywords and constants are bold.

    I think it’s generally the case that monospaced fonts are used for editing code, although I’m not entirely sure why…

  5. Monospace was traditioanlly used so that code could be reliably alligned, this is not such an issue with todays modern IDEs which can do this with variable width fonts also.

  6. None of the IDEs that I use support this feature, but apparently some do (if I can find the post again I’ll link to it).

    “Grey on black is not very nice…”
    Neither are V-neck fleeces.

  7. Ooooooh! Handbag-handbag.

    Whooops, must be drunk: just tried to cust and paste the security word into the Word Verification. I guess that would defeat the purpose of it…

    caylpoay was my security word. Sounds like a fart to me.

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