Life sucks and then you die.

As a realist (halfway between an optimist and a pessimist), I don’t really know how I feel about that statement. Actually, scratch that, I know exactly how I feel, I couldn’t give a monkeys.

Life is a lesson that you learn when you’re through (thanks Mr Durst). Whatever you believe in (a god, destiny, science, etc), the indisputable fact is that things, stuff, will be hurled at you and you have two choices:

  1. Give in.
  2. Go harder and faster.

I am incapable of selecting option number one, it is my biggest strength and my biggest weakness. If you stop to look at my heroes, a motley crew of fictional characters and real people, you will see that they all exhibit this same trait. I’m not really sure what I’m getting at, although I can tell you that it was precipitated by my Grandad’s health taking a turn for the worse (he has lost the use of his legs).

So when I put on my site “My Life, My Rules:Unashamedly me since 1984”, it isn’t arrogance, merely an admittance that I cannot change for anybody, and I cannot give up. Ever.

4 thoughts on “Life sucks and then you die.

  1. Go for it Jo!

    If you analyse a person’s life into a series of chapters, it helps to reveal how fulfilling it is/was, e.g.

    Mine so far is something like: childhood, school, university/brighton, first job, contracting/Vanessa/Porsches, early Igence/Bayham Abbey/Australia, late Igence/Withyham/Australia.

    The next chapter is now starting and should include internet biz/West Country/self-catering biz. My chapters seem to last 3-4 years. I’m hoping that there will be some living abroad chapters in there at some point and maybe something a little more adventurous…

    Now compare with my Dad: childhood, school, national service (2 years), running shop/wedding photography, retirement/heart problems. Just four chapters and he’s on the last one. My Mum’s life is similarly dull, except for her current chapter: Hating Dad/Travelling/Searching for Love.

    What are your chapters?

  2. Love your comment Jo!

    To point out though – if you believe in God, you may also believe that this life is merely a passage for the next life, whereby now we learn and understand better before we truly begin ourselves…
    BUT… however much that’s argued, however much that’s pursued differently and depending on the belief, I still feel myself what IS he point of this life then? It just makes more sense to really make this life om Earth work, as even when it all seems to go wrong, if somehow you can make it work or have a chance to… you have a chance to….

    But, if only speaking for myself here, I want to feel that different areas of my life are right – rather than being preached what I should be doing or what I should have achieved.

    Chris – your comment about chapters, especially referencing your Mum and Dad was poignant, although I guess it’s some similar experience that’s made me think more – my mum getting very ill and having trouble walking, makes me think about all the exciting stuff she never did…
    That I still can, while I can…

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