Eclecticism is a virtue.

This week has seen me experience a whole range of emotions, I just thought I would share them with you.

Made me laugh: The advert for the season finale of CSI:Miami on five. Several clips of the trademark Horatio sound bite/sunglasses combo followed by the words “We know how it will start, but how will it end”. Genius.

Got me out of my seat: This week was the RAW anniversary, celebrated  by a three hour special episode which was full of humor, great wrestling, and culminated in a beautifully orchestrated return for the Texas Rattle Snake. As Mr McMahon lay reeling on the mat post Mandible Claw and Chokeslam I think everybody was waiting to hear that glass shatter! Man I love Stone Cold!

Made me angry: The news reader from the BBC that decided to finish the news with the story of some cats that had been implanted with a jellyfish gene as part of some research into human genetic diseases, the result being that these cats now glowed red under a UV light. The news reader found this highly amusing, despite the fact that the cats did not consent to this procedure. Douche bag on wheels!

Made me sad: My Grandad had another fall this week. A trip to A&E ensued and for a while they thought he had broken his shoulder. Luckily he had only removed the skin from his arm, although he was quite shaken and my Dad had to stay with him that night.

Made me swear: Quite a few things actually – I curbed my alloys; a bus pulled out in front of me on the A27 and nearly took me out; Man United’s performance in the Champions League – I really wanted to join the group of teams that had gained maximum points; chalk up a plethora of expletives to debugging the afore mentioned code; Hazel Blears MP – did you see her on Question Time, sweet Jesus (more on him later) that woman is deluded.

Left me speechless: A documentary on a guy who believed that God had told him that he was the messiah and that the world would end some time in October 2007. He had managed to convince a group of other people that he was legit and they had begun to worship him. I just liked the fact that the documentary makers were clearly skeptical and considered the man to be some sort of nutter, but were willing to accept the rest of the bible as…well, gospel. Religious people crack me up!

One thought on “Eclecticism is a virtue.

  1. Michael (the Messiah) has set a new end of the world date of 15 December 2007, since nothing happened on October 31st. Doh, that’s today! Just shows what a load of sh……..(dial tone, continuous heart monitor tone, loud explosion, lots of smoke, voice of God, etc, etc).

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