Day One: The Software Quadrangle

Day one is over!

BAD NEWS: It turns out that I wasn’t the only person starting at ASL today and unfortunately our computers got mixed up.

GOOD NEWS: I got to upgrade to a faster machine, running XP SP2 (which I quickly skinned in Silver), and Linux (which I quickly skinned like OSX).

I am being dropped in at the deep end as far as the actual work is concerned, however, I have two people treading metaphorical water with me in the shape of Andy and Vince (both members of the quadrangle).

I am experiencing a whole host of emotions at the moment: excitement and anxiety spring to mind. I guess as long as I never have to experience the boredom/frustration caused by spending every day polishing the same bits of the same turd, whilst simultaneously fighting feelings of guilt associated with being a Turd Polisher, then I am doing well. I know that am I young and have yet to experience a lot of the fruit (poison and otherwise) of a software developing life, but I am not ready to surrender my innocence – I’m not sure I ever will be.

Might be going “on site” in the next couple of weeks, already been reminded to dress smart – I think they thought I would turn up in a hoody. Actually, I probably would have done. Going to keep the more extreme elements of my hoody collection at home I think. They don’t seem ready for a hoody covered in skulls!

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