Freedom Of Speech

So Nick Griffin, leader of the BNP, and David Irving – jailed for denying the Holocaust are to appear at an Oxford Union debate on free speech.

I can see no logic in inviting them to speak, especially as Irving has actually been jailed for the offensive nonsense that he emits, but I don’t think that any laws have been broken by inviting them. Griffin and Irving are free to say what they want as much as the rest of us are (well, within reason, lest they seek a trip to Her Majesty’s finest resort).

You cannot censor them, that would mean abandoning the freedoms which so many have fought (and died) to protect and would be the beginning of a very slippery slope! However, nobody is being forced to attend/listen, and an empty hall would make a powerful statement!

In reality though, the organizers have achieved exactly what they what they wanted: mass media coverage of an otherwise anonymous debate!

Job done.

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