To infinity and beyond (Lewes)

I left my last job about two-and-a-bit weeks ago to pursue other career prospects. Although I made sure I was in a financially secure position before making this bold/crazy move, I was still “bricking” it. This was mainly because:

  1. I had had a few bad experiences with agencies/companies who either had no position available (and yet were still advertising), were attempting to get me to relocate to Bremen, or seemed intent on forcing me into the defence sector that I had left behind.
  2. My esteemed former colleagues seemed convinced that I would be returning, cap in hand, sometime in January.
  3. I had no job, but seemed to be spending money like it was going out of fashion.
  4. It looked like I would be unable to stick to my vehicular timetable and maintain my position above the line on the graph of age vs bhp. (A subject for another blog?)

So it is with great relief that I am able to say that I have got a new job, which I begin in December! The contracts are being drawn up as we speak, so I can’t release any of the details – but suffice to say that I will be working in Lewes as a Software Engineer.

Focus ST here I come!

I am not including Lewis Hamilton in my graph of age vs bhp, because he rather skews the results.

One thought on “To infinity and beyond (Lewes)

  1. Nothing wrong with Bremen.

    Did you know the first German steamship was manufactured in 1817 at the yard of Johann Lange?

    It has a Focke Museum. (Yes, I did spell that correctly.)

    And in 2009, Bremen will host the 2009 International Mathematical Olympiad.

    Oh, and it’s home to the Beck’s Brewery.

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